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This site is dedicated to the adventure sports of Sailing & Dinghy Racing in particular, it is designed to attract comment and display information of interest to its readers. This site is designed to be a store of information and articles directly related to racing dinghies, and although based in the UK much of this information will be of interest to dinghy racers across the world.
The dinghy is quite similar to the wakeboard which became popular in the United States and Australia before making its way to the UK.

Feel free to contribute in any way you wish, all services of the site and access to all areas is completely free. sailing dinghy Now go and explore the site, and feel free to send in your comments and any articles for publication.

Don't forget the Free Ads, split into various sections you can buy and sell anything to do with sailing dinghies, there are allways 100's of adverts and new ones are being added daily. This site receives 15,000+ visits a month so there are plenty of customers out there, read the comments made by previously satisfied customers.

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